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ISIS Creates Own Encrypted Chat After WhatsApp, Telegram Ousting

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The Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group are communicating on a new secure Android app after getting kicked off by WhatsApp, Telegram, and other messengers.

Called “Alrawi”, the encrypted chat app makes it difficult for governments and security agencies to intercept the terrorist plans.

Discovered by counter-terrorism network, Ghost Security Group, the AlRawi app is in addition to another app called Amaq Agency, which serves as a propaganda distribution app for ISIS. And without a reputable company behind Alrawi, there’s no one to ban ISIS from using it.

According to TechCrunch the AlRawi app can’t be downloaded via Google Play. Instead, the Alrawi Android application package, or .apk, has to be actively searched for on the darker corners of the Internet to acquire and must be installed into an Android device manually.

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Immediately after the Paris attacks in November, credited to ISIS-affiliated gunmen, Telegram suspended 78 public ISIS-related channels in 12 languages.

Even after encrypted communication providers were forced to put in back doors into their services or face banning, ISIS still have the ability to communicate securely, just not as securely as if they were using a service like Telegram or WhatsApp, at least not yet.

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