It’s No Sin To kill Boko Haram Terrorists – Catholic Priest

The Chaplain of Maimalari Cantonment, Lt. Col. Cosmas Nwankpa, said on Sunday that killing of a member of the dreaded Boko Haram sect on a battleground is not a sin against God.

Nwankpa, a Catholic Reverend Father, while delivering a sermon with the theme: “Our Fallen Heroes” at an inter-denominational service in Maiduguri to mark this year’s Armed Forces Remembrance Day, said the instruction in one of the ten commandment that ‘thou shall not kill,’ is excused in warfare and no Christian should feel he has broken the Lord’s commandment when he is called upon to kill at warfront.

He said: “The commandment ‘thou shall not kill’ does not apply to Boko Haram, your conscience should not prick you when you kill them, it is even a sin to spare them and allow them to perpetuate doom on the people and the nation.”

He referred to soldiering as the noblest of all professions, asking, “what is nobler than dying or laying down ones life for a country?.”

On why the wife of a soldier or widow of a dead soldier should feel proud, Nwankpa said; “It is nobler to associate with a noble man,” insisting that “the families of soldiers are nobler than them (the soldiers).”

He argued that it does not matter when we die but for what we die for, noting that “our heroes have given their lives so that our nation remains undivided.”

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