Korean Woman Scatters Cash Worth $200,000 On Street, What Happened Next Will Shock You

A woman threw money all over the Seoul Square, but no one has attempted to pick them up. The passersby completely ignored the scattered bills on the pavement, except for some who stopped to take a glance and some photos of the scene.

It turns out, picking up an attended money in South Korea could hold anyone criminally liable for theft, as explained by The Korea Herald.

According to the Seoul newspaper, a 56-year-old woman threw the bills amounting to 2 million Won (KRW) on the streets in the capital’s business district around 5:00 pm on Monday.

However, the scene did not cause any major disruptions despite the large amount of cash lying on the concrete waiting to be picked-up by anyone interested.

Only the police who later responded to the scene were forced to pick the scattered money.

While the law prohibits picking up unattended cash, the Korea Herald further explained the woman in this case “had intended to give up her rights to the money, so there was no legal basis to punish those who gathered the bills.”

Meanwhile, during investigation, the woman revealed she withdraw 42-M won from the bank a few days earlier.

For fear that her ex-husband and son would try to take all the money from her, she decided instead to donate the cash to anyone on the street.

She then hired a bodyguard to escort her and took a cab to the Seoul Square to scatter the money.

Too bad, no one really knew she was actually willing to give her fortune to strangers.

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