Ladies, Please Say Goodbye To These 3 Fashion Mistakes In 2018

Fashion Mistakes

We invent fashion choices we are proud of, but often times we make fashion mistakes.

These faults can be big or little. Some of these mistakes are forgivable, but some are just not. Every lady should be a trend icon in her own special way, and this means fewer mistakes.

You can take certain steps to protect your reputation and your status as a fashion superstar. Below are five fashion mistakes you really should stop making this New Year:

Wearing leggings as trousers
To all the ‘sisi eko’s’ reading this, please leggings are not pants, and they are not trousers either. We know you know this, but we’d like to make it clear once again. Leggings will show camel toe and cellulite, so wearing them as pants is a big fashion fault. Don’t do this pretty baby, We love you! Kisses!

Wearing oversized clothes
Despite what people think, oversized clothes don’t hide your “flaws,” they just enhance your scruffy look. No matter what you think those flaws are, you need to love the body you have. You might be bigger, or smaller than you’d like to be but we’d like you to know that you’re amazing. Now dress like a queen that you are.

Ornaments are bae, but please keep them within reason. Yes you are an icon and you should be an aurora, but do you really need all that glitter? Don’t let all that shining take attention away from your pretty face, please tone it down honey. Accessorize with class and style and step out with fortitude.

Do you have any fashion mistakes or tips to add? Please share them in the comment section.

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