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Linda Ikeji Responds To ‘Fake’ Hermes Bag Acquisition

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Nigerian blogger and entrepreneur, Linda Ikeji, who is probably Africa’s richest female blogger has gone defensive, after fans accused her of acquiring fake Hermes Birkin bags.

Birkin bags are a handmade, luxury bag made by Hermes which cost in the range of $11,550 to $150,000.

After putting up the bags on her Instagram account, she wrote: “Just joined the LIbagfamily! #Hermes! #Birkin! My first!”

Linda Ikeji 2
Linda Ikeji 1
Some people on the photo sharing app/site claimed that the bags were fake. As the accusations grew Linda Ikeji switched her Instagram account to private.

A curious Instagram user went further by reportedly notifying the official Hermes account on Instagram about Linda Ikeji’s Birkin bags, the company in a response claimed that Linda Ikeji’s Birkins are fake.

Linda 2
Linda quickly responded to the follower saying, “I too rich to buy fake, lol. waited 8 months to get it”. To another she wrote, “even you don’t believe the bag is fake. Hilarious” as she peppered the comment with emojis of laughter.

She went further: “Don’t worry my darlings, I’ll take all these down later but let’s clarify this. So, I bought the bag for 14 thousand dollars on Sloan Street, UK. In Naira, that would be how much again? That would be about N4.8m. Damn, Linda!”

The Blogger went as far as posting different angles of the bag to show its authenticity, indicating that the Hermes account must have made a terrible mistake not to acknowledge her bags.

Linda Ikeji 3

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