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Man Arrested For Breaking Into Homes Just To Tickle People’s Anus

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Imagine being asleep and then having your butthole tickled in the middle of the night by a strange man? Disturbing, yes?

Well, for the kinky folks, maybe not so much.

A strange man known as the “Booty Tickler” carried out this disturbing act on his victims for months.

The Booty Tickler broke into people’s homes at night and tickled their anuses as they slept and whenever they woke up, he would flee the scene.

The more disturbing part of this guy’s fetish is that all of his victims were male. His reign of ticklish terror was however cut short when he was finally captured by the Police last week.

The man who was believed to be homeless was arrested rocking $4,500 Yeezus brand clothing. He must definitely have a day job, we doubt tickling pays as much.

The criminal is currently being held without bond in Dallas County.

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