Why Some Men Cry After Sex

Sometimes what we read on social media makes one wonder, if these stories are real or not, are they just baked for engagement and whatnot.

It may burst your bubble that some of them are real, just hope they don’t happen to you.

A lady wrote to relationship blogger, Joro Olumofin complaining about her boyfriend who cries while having an orgasm and continues his tears thereafter.

The anonymous lady also revealed that she once confronted him, and he told her he always feels emotional after intimacy.

This sounds weird but from the few replies gotten from several sources, certain conditions explained below may be responsible for this.

“The realization that you just made love to someone when you thought you’d be having sex makes you know that the person means more to you, Just like the feeling you get from drinking chill water after a long day in the sun, and immediately the water touches your throat, your eyes immediately gets watery,” explained Ifeanyi in a chat with our correspondent.

Another respondent, Kemi explains: “The fact that many men have different ways of reacting to orgasm so crying might just be his own way of reaction. So ladies don’t be scared.”

“It could also result from the fact that the ladies kitty game is really high and the guy is overwhelmed with the great pleasure that is accompanied with it,” said a respondent who preferred anonymity.

So indeed, it may be beneficial for both of you to discuss what you would like to happen when you’re crying post-sex. Do you want to be cuddled or swathed in blankets?

Would it be helpful for your partner to make you a hot beverage?

These things can help make you feel more settled and in control, while also giving your partner something to do so she feels helpful and a contributor to your wellness.

All in all, crying after sex doesn’t have to signify that something is wrong. Everyone reacts differently during and after sexual pleasure, and crying can simply be an extra component to the sweet release.

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