Should Men Know Their Partner’s Menstrual Cycle?

Some women go through some pre-menstrual syndrome, emotional turmoil, irritability and sometimes embarrassment before and during menstruation.

There have been debates as to whether it helps in relationships if men share the knowledge of their partners’ menstrual cycles.

Our correspondent asked some individuals on their take on the matter and some of them had different opinions.

But from the few replies gotten from several conversations, it appears to be helpful in relationships if men know their partners’ cycles.

Asked on her take, Imole said: “It’s a reasonable idea for a husband to have knowledge of his wife’s menstrual cycle as it propels him to make the period amiable by understanding any irrational attitudes put forward by the wife, such as restriction to sex, hostility, and sluggishness in putting things in place. Hence, knowing that about his woman would go a long way in bringing peace and growth in the family.”

Another respondent, Joel explains: “Well, I think it depends on the individuals involved. I for one, I don’t really have any idea about the menstrual cycle, but I believe if it becomes necessary to know and my partner feels free enough to let me know, then there’s no issue with that. So, it’s basically about the people involved and the importance of the knowledge.”

“When they guy knows the woman cycle it will help him know her save period which goes a long way in family planning that’s for married couple’’ she also said,’’ my guy likes the whole medical thingy so due to the fact that sometimes a few days to my period, I get sick, so his knowledge makes him know what the issue is, and the right treatments to administer. So for me, it’s a necessity,” said a respondent who preferred anonymity.

Another source, Oyin said: ‘’If a man really likes me and cares to know all about me, then he should know about my cycle and remind me when is getting to that time of the month, I feel loved and more attracted to that kind of person.”

It all continued being a girl’s thing till we stumbled on our last respondent who said “It’s important to know so that the guy can understand their mood more easily. This is because; I heard some lady can get easily irritated and frantic when it’s close.”

No doubt, it takes the willingness of both sides to communicate and do so effectively, but if both partners are in tune with the cycle and able to plan together for their sexual expectations, it could well diminish a source of stress in the relationship.

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