Mozilla Launches Content-blocker ‘Focus’ For iOS Users

Popular Web browser developers, Mozilla has launched a free content blocker for Safari users on Apple’s iOS 9 operating system.

The company, announcing the latest development via a blog post on Tuesday, said the new software which is called ‘Focus’, represents the latest effort to beat back the unruly rise of intrusive ads and other unwanted Internet software that often bedevils Internet users.

Focus by Firefox puts users in control of their privacy by allowing them block advertisements and third-party website plugins that send information about you back to the site or to other companies.

The app comes with a range of toggles for blocking different kinds of content, whether they’re serving ad, analytic, or social network trackers. It’s also possible to prevent heavier content, such as certain fonts, from loading to make the web experience that little bit faster.

“We believe content blockers need to be transparent with publishers and other content providers, rather than placing certain content in a permanent penalty box,” said Denelle Dixon-Thayer, a Mozilla executive.

Users will be able to share their thoughts or make complaints about the blacklist, which will be open sourced like most things Mozilla does.

The company also said there are plans to launch an Android version of Focus, though the launch date is yet to be released.

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