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Netflix Launches In Nigeria

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In order to extend its services to every country in the world, American worldwide provider of on-demand Internet streaming media, Netflix, on Wednesday was launched in 130 countries across Africa and the world including Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya.

While its expansion to Africa is a welcome development, the American based company might not record as much success in the continent as it did in other parts of the world due to the lack of excellent broadband infrastructure and the high cost of internet mobile data for their streaming services.

However, Netflix is bound to garner quite an audience, as Africans are already major fans of most of its content, particularly its original programmes and series. The world’s leading internet TV service providers also stands the chance of ousting Multichoice’s digital satellite TV service, DSTV, as users have constantly complained about the company’s high monthly subscription fee.

But as it appears, Netflix, like DSTV, would be providing services targeted mainly at elite viewers who in spite of the high cost of mobile data, can afford streaming services.

Netflix’s original content — which it is ploughing billions of dollars into — is available worldwide, but the exact catalog for users varies based on their country. That’s because licensing deals are different from market to market, and Netflix also curates its content based on what it thinks locals will like.

Netflix is popular for hit series like “Daredevil,” “House of Cards,” and “Orange is the New Black”.

The streaming company recently released a movie “Beast of No Nation” that talked about the civil war in an unnamed West African country.

Netflix has 69.17 million subscribers globally.

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