Other Than Beauty; 10 Special Qualities Every Woman Should Have

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There is no doubt that there is a great value attached to facial beauty but often those who are physically attractive can be emotionally unattractive.

I often think about the qualities of an amazing woman that can make her irresistible in the eyes of her dream man, or that could make her love herself even more.

I know that every person is unique as well as every taste and preference is too, but still, there are certain special qualities in women other than facial beauty that every man out there would want to find in his dream woman.

Here is the top 10 special qualities every woman should have.

One of the leading qualities of an amazing woman is definitely her confidence. A woman that is very self-confident, that trusts her abilities and shows confidence all the time, is totally irresistible in the eyes of men everywhere. Every woman should possess this quality!

This is another extremely important quality that every woman should possess. Obviously, a lot of men want to be with a lady who is sincere and honest, someone others can depend on without any ulterior motives.

Who believes the truth is the only path to success and deep intimacy. You do not change who you are based on who you are with. You are who you are and your priority in life is to be happy and satisfied.

This is a must-have quality for every woman. Men need a lot of affection and care as well, but just like you, they may feel the need for space now and then too.

So, I believe a man will be more attracted to a woman who’s independent, who has her own friends, hobbies, and especially her own life beyond the relationship that she’s in.

I think that every man wants to be with a woman who is understanding and nice, who’s not nagging him all the time and who’s not trying to control his life.

Also, a man would really love a woman that accepts him the way he is, that loves him for who he is and who doesn’t try to change him.

Men love a woman who can establish her own ideas, come up with new perspectives on issues and be inspired to create new things and ideas. It shows that you’re more than just being pretty, and men like to know that you don’t get bored with the everyday life. Being creative also makes you happier, with or without a guy. Journal, cook, or whatever else it is you need to do to find a creative spark.

Life gets difficult from time to time. It can get boring and uninteresting just as well but having a woman who is lively, energetic and hungry for adventure will add colour to your life that will make you real happy.

Men are powered by their ego, you don’t have to constantly tell him all the time, but be encouraging! A man likes to know if he gets a promotion at work, makes a great meal, is having a hard time, or dealing with a life issue, that he has your encouragement and support.

Every man needs an intelligent woman to help him get through life in one piece, who can suggest wonderful ideas and help him in carrying them out. They say that behind every great man is a greater woman.

I’m sure nobody likes someone too serious and uptight, it’s understandable why men like women with a great sense of humor. They want someone with whom they can laugh and have fun, because in every relationship there are a lot of other things that matter more than sex. Don’t be afraid to be yourself!

There is nothing more appealing to others than to be in the presence of a loving person. When you love yourself you have endless love to give.

You are warm towards others and kind to yourself. There is nothing you wouldn’t do to help and this loving approach is taken into every area of your life from career to parenting. Further, you apply love as a form of discipline and setting boundaries when necessary

There is this saying, that a good food is another way to a man’s heart. Though this is applicable is African, mostly in Nigeria. They believe that one of the special qualities a woman should have is to be able to make good, delicious meals for the family. They also believe it shows you have a wonderful home upbringing and can be able to take care of your family and people around you.

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