Passenger Opens Plane’s Emergency Door To ‘get some fresh air’ Before Take Off

A claustrophobic passenger had risked the lives of all 130 passengers and flight crew on a China Southern Airlines flight when he opened an emergency door to “get some fresh air” moments before take off.

The passenger had intended to open a window by turning the lever, but instead earned himself a trip to police detention and undue hour-long delay for other passengers as security checks were carried out.

The incident occurred as the aircraft was taxiing for take off on a runway at China’s Chengdu Shuangliu International Airport, before it was brought to an emergency stop by the captain as flight crew restrained the passenger and informed airport authorities.

The passenger was later detained by police while the flight took off an hour later without him.

Although it is unclear what punishment he will face, authorities have the right to fine him, blacklist him from all forms of air travel and possibly even jail him.

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