PDP Defectors Are Parasites – Akande

Chief Bisi Akande

Defectors from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have been described as parasites by a former interim chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Chief Bisi Akande.

Akande said as parasites, the APC should wary of the defectors in order not to allow them to kill the ruling party, the way they destroyed the PDP.
Speaking with journalists at his residence in Ila Orangun on Saturday on his 77th birthday, Akande said parasites usually kill their hosts and look for new hosts after the initial hosts might have died.

According to him, the influx of new members to the ruling party appears good but the party must watch it so that what killed the PDP will not destroy the APC.

He said, “We in the APC should be careful, the defection is not a strange thing but I know it is always done by parasites. I have always remained in one line of politics. I have never defected and I will never defect; I will remain in that progressive polity.

“But those who are defecting from one party to the other, by nature, they are political parasites. They have killed the original host, which was the PDP, and they are now coming to the APC, which is the new host. It is for the APC to gird its own loins and prevent the parasites from killing the party, because a parasite has no root of its own but feeds on the little food that the host has.

“So, running away from the PDP to the APC looks good but the APC must be careful in dealing with those parasites.” the constitution that created the basis for all these acrimony and confusion that we have,” he added.

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