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Periscope Celebrate First Year Anniversary With 200M Broadcast

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Periscope is celebrating its first year anniversary by disclosing its usage numbers for Android and iOS platforms.

The Twitter-owned social live-streaming service for prominent live video streaming app for iOS and Android, also revealed some statistics that show just how rapidly Periscope had grown since its March 2015 debut.

The company added a milestone of over 200 million streams to its network in a year, 100 million were created in the past three months alone. That is almost double the number since January.

The company further said that Periscope users watch 110 years or about 1 million hours of live streams daily, which represents a 91 percent increase from last August.

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Periscope was acquired by Twitter early last year for $100 million, and since its launch in March, the company has accomplished a lot in just one year.

Periscope’s apparent success has a lot to do with the internet community’s infatuation with live content. Sites such as Twitch and YouTube Gaming have introduced livestreaming to millions of people, and apps like Periscope make it accessible for social networkers.

However, the company is yet to reach the 1-million milestone in terms of hours of videos viewed daily in its app.

YouTube, who remains the industry leader and a user favorite, said its users generate billions of views per day as they watch “hundreds of millions of hours” of music videos, cat videos, and funny accidents compilations.

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Facebook jumped on the live-content bandwagon in February with its own streaming service, Facebook Live, and quickly rolled the live-streaming feature to all iOS and Android users in the U.S.

Periscope has little to fear because according to the company’s report from August 2015, its more than 10 million users were watching 40 years of video per day.

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