Rape: 24-Year-Old Man Destroys Genital Organs Of Four Year Old

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A 24-year-old man has repeatedly raped a four year old minor in Kaduna State, destroying her genital organs.

The alleged rapist, Haruna Tukur was said to have been in police custody and was later granted bail before going back to rape the girl again.

The minor, Fatima Alhassan, claimed Tukur had raped her serially before her parents discovered.

“He has been tailing her whenever she is going to an Islamic school. He will buy Maltonic, egg and bring it to the little girl in a school close to a grave yard. He will call her to the toilet after he finish what he want to do with her, he will ask her to excrete. He will drug her so that whenever she comes home, she will be sleeping,” a resident of the area said.

According to reports, the whole issue started last year September before the Sallah festival, after the little girl came back from school crying and complaining of pains in her lower abdomen, before she was eventually rushed to the hospital.

“She was crying and complained about pains in her private parts. We took her to the hospital but the nurses said she might be suffering from pile which used to affect the entire private parts. She was placed on drugs. After sometimes, we returned to the hospital but the nurses said her file was misplaced,” the mother said.

She added: “Few days later, my daughter returned home from the school and it was very obvious that she has been raped.”

“We asked her to tell us the truth. The little girl said that every day, on her way to the Islamic school, a man will follow her and do things to her. That the man will hold a knife and warn her that if she ever inform anyone about what he is doing to her, he will kill her, kill her father and mother,” the mother said adding that her husband was afraid to report the matter to the police because he was poor.

The matter was then taken to the parents of the boy, who pleaded with the girl’s parents that the case should not be reported to the police.

“They listened to the parents’ plea and decided to take the little baby out of the area. The 24 year old still followed the little girl and raped her again,” a lady following the case, Muneerat Abdulsalam said.

“And eventually, she was raped again by the same boy, she fell ill and could barely walk home from her lesson.

“Immediately her mum saw her, she knew what had happened and asked her to remove her cloths and the girl private part was completely damaged,” Muneerat Abdulsalam said adding that the four year old baby girl private part has been battered.

“The boy was in police custody but when taken to court, he was allowed to go. The police are not giving any details concerning why he was allowed to go. When he came out from the police cell, he still raped her again. We want justice to be done,” Muneerat added.

Meanwhile, the police in Kaduna State are yet to issue an official arrest warrant on the accused person.

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