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See The Crucial Ingredient Missing From Your Sex Life!

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A recent study has shown that MUSIC can actually improve your sex life. Not only is there a connection between sexual attraction and musical taste, but we have more and enjoy sex when we’re listening to our favorite songs.

This is something you should always do with your partner to increase the intimacy and have a better sex life.

The study reportedly surveyed 30,000 listeners and conducted an in-home experiment where 30 households spent one week without music and one week listening to music out loud. They discovered that with music playing, the distance between household members decreased by 12%, they spent 4.5 more hours together and they were 18% more likely to say “I love you” to one another.

It was also shown that couples who listened to music enjoyed more intimacy too. If you date someone with similar musical tastes, the physical attraction is even higher. Nearly 59% of listeners said they are more attracted to people who play music they enjoy.

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