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The Hate Speech Bill Is A National Embarrassment

The Bill on Hate speech before the National Assembly is an embarrassment. We seem to revel in taking decisions in moments of emotional flourishes and consequently often fail to soberly reflect on possible unintended consequences of our actions. Last year we saw how the country made itself a laughing stock when IPOB, as despicable and unacceptable as its activities were, was hastily labelled a terrorist organization when it hardly met any of the four key criteria used by terrorism researchers in classifying an organization…

Nnamdi Kanu Withdraws From Dialogue With South-East Governors

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has withdrawn from planned talks with the South-East Governors Forum. Kanu had on August 30 met with governors of the five states in the South-East, and both parties agreed to hold further talks scheduled for later this week. However, in a statement signed personally by the IPOB leader, Kanu said he is backing out of the talks. He blamed his decision to quit on an alleged plot by men of the Nigerian army to assassinate him on his way to Enugu for the meeting on…

This Thing Called ‘1999 Constitution’

The most evil document in circulation in the world today, I am told, is the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (amended or not). It is such a bad document that it is only fit for the refuse dump. I am further told that all the problems and troubles with Nigeria can be traced to this vile document which has destroyed the hopes and aspirations of millions of Nigerians. It is such a useless and worthless document that until it is shredded, burnt and its ashes thrown into the sea, Nigeria will never make…