The United State Of Nigeria; Plea Of A Nigerian Youth

Moyo Osoba – For a cause that has thrived through the vicissitudes of fate; a cause that has withstood for decades, the compulsory test of time; a cause for which those whose lives have been claimed are proclaimed ‘martyrs’, then, it is suffice to say that the ideology behind such a cause is vividly a force with which to reckon. I write of no other than the ‘Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra’ (MASSOB) et al.

As evident by the obvious, Nigeria is still taking her first steps in the proverbial thousand-mile journey towards holistic national development; however, it is not out of place to deem rash any attempts to abandon the crawling child despite the glowing hope of its taking giant strides in proximal years. Irrespective of a slight or marked change in the motives behind this emancipation from the time of conception of this idea till now, the eventual outcome remains constant – a division of the Nigerian State! The reasons for the ‘Biafra’ agitation could be justifiable in all ramifications but the imminent scary consequences of this contention, if won, should be weighty enough to depress the brakes of the over-speeding vehicle of division. Despite our overt shortcomings as a nation, the International Community till date is compelled to reckon with us for many reasons, key amongst which is the potential power we wield when united as a nation. Hence, rather than dance to the appealing tune of ‘advocacy for freedom’ from the pipes of those who want us divided, let us be mindful that a hidden sentiment for a crack in our solid, green wall may underlie these seemingly innocent international and local opinions. Truth be embraced, Nigeria cannot be Nigeria if Nigeria is not one; the core essence of our strength as the giant of this continent will be consolidated by our definite defiance to divide!

It is stale news that Nigeria is a confluence of numerous individuals with diversities of cultures and values; however, the unveiling of the spice in our variety takes root in the unification of our diversity. The challenges that confront us as a nation will be better solved if approached pragmatically as a nation than as fragments of a ‘former’ state. This resolution to remain united will be based on hope; the chief anchor of moribund life, hope; the primary assurance of a better tomorrow, hope; the pivotal phenomenon for the actualization of the Nigerian dream!

This is therefore a plea to all Nigerians both within and without to defect from the sentiment of ethnic or regional solidarity to the sagacious sentiment of national patriotism, peace and unity for the future and prosperity of the United States of Nigeria.


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