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There’s No Proof That The Fulani Herdsmen Are Not Nigerians – Immigration

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Contrary to the notion by some people that herdsmen fomenting the dastardly attacks on some communities may not be Nigerians, the Nigeria Immigration Service has said that there is no evidence to prove that the suspected marauders were foreigners coming from outside the shores of the country.

The immigration service explained that foreigners coming from outside the country are never profiled on the basis of their ethnicity.

A statement signed by public relations officer of the Nigerian Immigration Service, Ekpedeme King, said “There is no evidence that the herdsmen are foreigners and the immigration service doesn’t profile immigrants based on their ethnicity. So, the NIS cannot say whether the herdsmen are Nigerians or not because nobody has produced them for us to profile them.

“We are at the borders and we have not seen any herdsman coming into the country. We have our men at the borders and they are doing their job. So far, what we have heard is speculation that they are from foreign countries, but no one has profiled them to know their identities.

“We don’t ask if Fulanis are herdsmen or not and we don’t see people coming in with cattle. We have not received reports of people coming in with cattle.

“When you see someone coming in with animals, we have relevant agencies to check the state of the animals. If you are importing or exporting animals, like in other countries, the port health officials are in charge of that”.

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