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Unregistered Sim Card Users Face Six Months Jail Term In Kenya

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Kenya authorities have said that users of unregistered sim card could face six months jail term and a fine of Sh100,000.

According to a notice issued Friday by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA), all mobile users are responsible for calls, sending and receiving text messages as well as any financial transactions made through their mobile lines.

The move according to them is to curb the rise of mobile phone related crimes. Buying SIM cards from hawkers as well as using a SIM card that is not registered violates section 27c of the Kenyan Communications Act, 1998.

The statement which was released in the country’s national dailies read: “For every purchase of a SIM card, demand that it be registered promptly and receive proof of registration before starting to use the line since if later found to have been misused, you risk being prosecuted for possessing an unregistered line.

“Failure to take these precautions may result in a criminal conviction of up to six months in prison or a fine of Sh100,000 or both.

“Do not allow a stranger to use your SIM card. If a stranger is in distress and requires assistance make the call yourself,” the regulator stressed,” the Communications Authority added.

The communications regulator also cautioned Kenyans against buying their lines from hawkers and to also ensure that whoever sells them a SIM card captures all their details for registration.

Mobile phone users were advised to report to the police immediately once they lose their SIM card, so as to obtain an abstract.

“In case you lose of your SIM card, report to the nearest police station and demand an abstract. Do not use a SIM card that is not registered and in case of any changes, report the same to your SIM card provider,” the CA said.

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