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Wish Came True: 106-Year Old Woman Finally Meets Obama

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A 106-year African-American woman, Virginia McLaurin, who had wished more than anything to meet President Barack Obama, finally got the chance to meet the American president.

The aged woman, who turns 107 next month, did not only meet the president, but met the first lady, and she couldn’t contain her excitement.

She screamed, hurriedly hugged the first family in the U.S and started dancing, which quickly went viral on the internet.

She said, “It’s an honor, it’s an honor,” adding that she was at the White House to celebrate Black History Month.

“A black president, a black wife,” she exclaimed, when she met Michelle Obama.

“I wanna be like you when I grow up,” Michelle told her.

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“You can,” McLaurin replied.

When asked what was the best part of meeting with the president and the first lady? McLaurin said, “I felt like I made it, I feel like I can die happy.”

See the video below:

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