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WordPress Hosted Version Goes Open Source

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The fully hosted version of WordPress, WordPress.com, has seen a total makeover after its company, Automattic, rewrote the software from scratch and made it an open Source script, available to developers on GitHub.com under the GNU General Public License version 2.

Automattic made two major updates to the technology behind the new hosted version of WordPress.com.

Firstly, rather than improving on the existing PHP and MySQL hosted version of the WordPress Script, developers at Automattic built everything from scratch using JavaScript and API calls.

Using JavaScript and API means that when you get to the website, the server will distribute a fully-working WordPress client that mostly runs in your browser.

Secondly, the hosted WordPress.com has now been separated from WordPress core, which now gives WordPress.com an admin interface that interacts with the WordPress core just like any other third-party interface and app out there, while it uses REST API to handle contents on a user’s website.

Developers at Automattic didn’t stop there, as Mac users also get to download a new Mac app to access WordPress.com to manage their website. Windows and Linux apps are said to be under development.

The whole new WordPress.com script is codenamed Calypso.

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