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Yemi Alade Reveals her Kind Of Man

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Nigerian afro pop singer, Yemi Alade has revealed the qualities she desires in a man.

Speaking exclusively to Punch, the Johnny singer said she hopes to settle down with a man who is ambitious and purpose driven, indicating that he must have the fear of God, sense of style and humor.

“I like my man to be God fearing; have a good sense of style and good humour. He has to be one that has ambition and purpose and he must show it, not just talk about it.”

Early in the year, the singer launched her clothing line and is already in talks with investors to launch her shoe line.

The singer, who sauntered into the Nigerian music industry after winning a reality show sponsored by Peak Milk, also spoke about what has made her not rely on music alone for her source of income.

She revealed that she lost her dad at a tender age, so she doubles as her ‘mothers father and husband’.

“I’m very good at multi-tasking. In the morning, I still go to the kitchen and do things myself. I am currently talking to someone for a shoe-line, and talking to other people for other business opportunities. I am everywhere. I must use my youth well. I lost my dad at a young age and so, I am like my mother’s father and husband. I have a business partner who will take care of my other businesses because she understands my work.

She continued: “I also went into fashion because of my love for African fashion. I discovered that whenever I go to other African countries to perform, they usually try to replicate my style, so I decided to make something for them and myself as well. The collection is about my personality, my style, and because my style is different, we have decided to make it available to my fans. We also made it in form of jewellery so that everybody can wear it. I am an African woman, but I do not wear Iro and Buba about, so I have decided to mix both African and modern culture together, and call it Afropolitan.”

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