YES, Subsidy Must Go But Now Is Not The Time

By Deji Adeyanju –
Nigerians Supporting Buhari To Crush Labour Will Regret It –
The Nigerians who are helping Buhari to sabotage Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) today will regret tomorrow when they need NLC to fight for them. Although I have always believed in the removal of fuel subsidy but now is a very wrong time to do so since inflation is at a record high.

The reason why many objected to the removal of fuel subsidy under former president Goodluck Jonathan was also about the timing at that time. Many Nigerians had gone home for Christmas and New Year celebrations. The argument then was that it was so sudden and the people were not prepared. Labour Unions and civil society groups then also argued that enough engagement was not done.

In my opinion, the timing then was right but it should not have been on 1st of January, 2012. Goodluck Jonathan and the then administration were right, fuel subsidy had to go for a revolution to take place in the oil and gas sector but those in government today who were in opposition then crucified him and the then government saying “removal of subsidy was unfair, unjust and an anti people agenda”. Now, I ask what has changed?

The current government needs to focus on rebuilding the economy they have destroyed in the last 1year, curb inflation. This government need to allow economic indices to improve then they can remove subsidy when things improve. It is unthinkable that a government that is not ready to cut cost is now removing subsidy. If we as Nigerians are subsidizing the Presidency, the federal government, National Assembly, why should the government not subsidize for the poor?

I support the removal of subsidy but now is not the time. Those who are helping the govt to sabotage Labour will regret it in the nearest future.

Deji Adeyanju writes from Abuja and he is the Director, New Media of the People’s Democratic Party (PDP). He can be contacted on Twitter @AdeyanjuDeji

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