Yuletide Season: 7 Kitchen Hygiene

Many times, there are very simple kitchen practices that makes the difference between staying healthy and falling sick, especially during this Yuletide period.

Poor kitchen hygiene is the fastest way to transmit certain diseases such as typhoid.

With the holiday season here, there is no worse time to fall sick, so to ensure you have a safe and healthy yuletide season, here are 7 essential healthy food tips you should follow.

1. WASH YOUR HANDS THOROUGHLY WITH SOAP BEFORE HANDLING FOOD: This is not over rated at all. Your hands are the fastest way to pick up germs which are in turn passed on to the food you’re cooking so do the needful by washing your hands.

2. WASH FRUITS AND VEGETABLES THOROUGHLY: Fruits and veggies can be carriers of bacteria so to ensure a healthy and safe consumption, wash them thoroughly with vinegar or salt. These will help kill the germs and make the fruits and veggies safe to eat.

3. KEEP YOUR SINK CLEAN AT ALL TIMES: Virtually everything that will gets into your mouth passes through a sink – washed ingredients and cutlery/pots. So it’s important your sink is thoroughly washed with solutions regularly.

4. CLEANSE YOUR SPONGE: Just like your sink, sponges are used to wash kitchen utensils, so keep them free of microorganisms by tossing then in a microwave for about a minute . This will kill any germs.

5. BEWARE OF FAUCETS AND DOOR KNOBS: These places crawl with germs so if you’re cooking, ensure you wash your hands thoroughly after coming in contact with them.
6. WASH CHOPPING BOARDS, BLENDERS AND OTHER KITCHEN UTENSILS; A lot of people tend to pack the chopping boards, blenders and other kitchen utensils till the end of the cooking but these will only breed the germs. Wash each utensil immediately after each use to prevent diseases.

7. COOK ALL FOOD PROPERLY: Half cooked meals are another sure-fire way of toying with diseases. Fully cooked meals at full heat temperature are your best bet. they taste better and digest easily.

If you follow these tips carefully, you would sure have a healthy holiday!

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