Tall Rich Men Are Scarce, Relationship Coach Reveals Category Of Men Available To Single Ladies

Popular Instagram relationship coach, Joro Olumofin, has advised single ladies to start considering short pot-bellied men, amongst others, for marriage as tall, dark, and rich men are increasingly becoming scarce.


While noting that marriage is not an achievement, Olumofin said the number of Nigerian single ladies is growing because many eligible women are too picky.

He posted on his Instagram story (@joroolumofin) on Monday: “Marriage is not an achievement. Only society deems it so. That being said, a lot of pretty (Wife Material) ladies are single because they are looking for Tall, Dark, Rich, and Handsome.

“A single and available tall, dark, rich, and handsome man is very hard to find in 2022. Given that there are almost 7 ladies to 1 man. His “Shakara” will be plenty and he will break a few hearts.


“This is why a lot of ladies are single. Most ladies used their youth (age 22-29) searching for tall, dark, rich, and handsome,” he wrote.

Olumofin added that a tall, dark, rich, and handsome man is a unicorn that doesn’t really exist.

He said, “Personally would advise ladies to look into these options:

  1. Tall, not so fine, not so rich
  2. Short, rich, chubby, pot Belly
  3. Handsome, broke, tall
  4. Single dad of 2 or 3, rich, handsome
  5. Pot belly, kind and short

“If ladies are open to options like this, they will find marital bliss and happiness.”

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