Teach Your Child Body Pleasure To Prevent Abuse – Family Therapist

A marriage and family therapist at the Institute for Sexuality and Intimacy in the United States, Dr. Lexx Brown-James, has given reasons why it’s Important for parents to teach kids about sexuality.

It’s common to find parents talking to their children about morality, but most times shy away from talks about sex.

Though this is a tough subject to talk about, Brown-James, who is also a sex educator, says it remains a very important discussion for children’s grooming.

According to the therapist, children need to learn the anatomical names of body parts and about body pleasure, including unsafe and safe touches.

Here is Why?

Trust For Their Bodies

Pleasure-centered education teaches children to trust their bodies.

This is not explicit to sexual pleasure. This means all pleasure and displeasure in all aspects. Food, emotions, validation and physical touch.

Reduces Shame

The therapist said teaching kids about good touch and bad touch helps to diminish the shame people feel when their boundaries are crossed.

“I cannot tell you how many adults I support who feel like they are bad for being taken advantage of.”

Prevents Boundary Violations

knowledge is power. If we teach them about pleasure and that body exploration in private places is safe, we help them build knowledge and body autonomy.

“Because they know their bodies, they will be less likely to be curious or tricked into touching, seeing or being asked to give unsafe touch.”

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