The Candidates: Analyst Rates Atiku’s Performance

A foreign based Nigerian Political Analyst cum Columnist for Nigerian Tribune Newspaper, Farooq Kperogi has lauded the presidential candidate of the People Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar.

Kperogi who is also a Lecturer at Kennesaw State University, United States, took to his Facebook page to say he had never listened to Atiku talk for a long period because he never thought of his intellectual capacities.

He wrote: “I’d never listened to Atiku talk for an extended period (mostly because I deliberately chose not to) because I’d frankly never thought highly of his intellectual capacities. In today’s #NgTheCandidates chats, however, he performed way beyond my expectations. There is certainly no basis to compare him to Buhari. Atiku is definitely more articulate and has a clearer, firmer grasp of the issues than PMB does-or ever did. Maybe it pays to be underrated.”

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