The Uncommon Decision; A New Course For Action

Four years ago, Nigerians took an unprecedented turnaround At the 2015 polls. A ‘new party’ and government has taken over. An unprecedented event has taken place!. A ‘new party’ has taken over piloting of a new Nigeria course from the hegemonic ruling party of 16years. A virtuous desire for the future good of our nation arose, our confidence unshaken, our trust reposed and our hopes high. Baba has promised us to; create three million jobs per year, Make our economy one of the fastest-growing emerging economies in the world with a real GDP growth averaging 10% annually, ensure Permanent peace in the Niger Delta and other conflict prone areas such as Plateau, Taraba, Bauchi, Borno and Abia, Construct 3,000km Superhighway including service trunks, Stabilize the naira, Strengthen INEC to reduce, if possible, eliminate electoral malpractices in Nigerian’s political life and to Ban all government officials from seeking medical care abroad.(to mention but few) all these we believe with absolute certainty and probability.

Three and half years later, these promises cumulatively as a fait accompli turned to be a STRATAGEM!. So far, three million jobs has been lost, our economy clueless and falling, our currency undermined, our progressive Nigeria’s pilot spent over 90days abroad for medical attention( I for one wish our president good Heath but had the country been put in place, would he need travelling abroad for medical attention) surely we’ve been deceived too long by the ‘horserider’ and his henchmen justifying his action for the failed promises for Nigeria.

Their excuse- Nigeria has been misruled, hemorrhaged, and pillaged for good 16years. Only if this ‘new party’ would understand what brought them to power was a new course for action, a better Nigeria and accept the challenge of correcting Nigeria but our hope for a progressive and developed Nigeria has been dashed by their incompetencies. The reason cannot be far fetched the ‘horserider’ is old and surrounded by camarillas that one would ponder who’s actually the pilot? Despite trying his best, it’s evident what Nigeria need is far more than baba’s best but he’s been pushed by the same camarillas for their own political expediency.

We no longer believe those accusing the major challenger of the new party of corruption accusations. Why only when he defected and declared interest to run for the highest office was there voice heard in its highest decibel that he is corrupt? this same corrupt man was once the presidential candidate of an old SW controlled party then been led by the ex gov. Of Lagos state who was then the national chairman now the the new party’s navigator. Or wasn’t he corrupt then?

Now we then tend to no longer have trust in baba’s antigraft war having this set of people around him.


The chances of sowore, moghalu and durotoye winning at the 2019 polls are slim if not improbable. I would have channelled my canvass to the brilliant youth leaders with a special preference for SOWORE for his unparalleled valour. But then this people for now are not likely to win.

We as progressive Nigerian youths now faced with two options. One, to choose between a govt that fights corruption with corruption OR a govt. that fights corruption with good governance.
Two, to choose between a govt. that’s ineptitude and keep assuring for good in future years or a govt. that assures a working nation with immediate effect
Three, to choose between a govt. of nepotism and a govt. of appointments by merit.

As it happened in 2015, lets have a new turnaround at the 2019 polls. Surely we all want a better nation and a working Nigeria and by God’s grace we shall.

– Idris wrote via [email protected] from Ibadan (08074845232)

Disclaimer: This article is entirely the opinion of the writer and does not represent the views of The Whistler.


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