Tinubu’s Bishops Attack THE WHISTLER Reporter At Unveiling Of Vice Presidential Candidate

Some selected bishops from the Northern Christian Group on Wednesday attacked a reporter with THE WHISTLER newspapers when seeking for interview from them during the unveiling of the Vice Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Kashim Shettima, at the Shehu Musa Yar’Adua Center Abuja.

The reporter had approached them identifying himself to them seeking their opinion on the Muslim-Muslim ticket which has generated condemnation and criticisms from Nigerians.


Just as the unveiling kicked into gear, some Christian groups from the North stormed the National Headquarters of the party demanding the removal of Shettima from the ticket.

The presidential candidate of the party, Bola Tinubu, a Muslim from Lagos State, from South-West Nigeria, had picked Shettima, a Muslim from Borno State, north-eastern part of Nigeria two weeks ago.

Since the announcement, it has generated heated debate with notable members of the APC resigning from the party.

However, some Christian leaders attended the unveiling of Shettima but refused to speak with the media until pressed by our reporter to speak.


It was while taking the interview from one of the leaders, who simply identified himself as Prince, and as the President of Muslim-Christian Love Foundation, Abuja, that two unidentified members of the Christian group attacked our reporter.

One of the bishops attempted to hit the reporter on the face, forcing him to block the punch. He also threatened to break the phone of the reporter.

The interview however continued with Prince saying Muslim-Muslim ticket is not a crime. He warned Nigerians against using religion to stoke the embers of disunity.

He argued that God can use anybody to change the course of history in Nigeria.

The frosty interview which led to the attack is published below:


THE WHISTLER: Can you speak to journalists?

Bishop: No!


Bishop: Don’t worry, don’t worry. We can’t speak to Journalists. We don’t want to talk to journalists.

THE WHISTLER: Why Not? Are You Scared?

Bishop: Please leave us.


THE WHISTLER: What I am saying is that are you scared of speaking to Nigerians why you are here? Don’t you have anything to say to Nigerians?

Bishop: No comment.

THE WHISTLER: You too, you don’t have anything to say to Nigerians as Christians, religious leaders?

Bishop: Nothing.

THE WHISTLER: Sir, you too don’t have anything to say sir!

Bishop: You are from where?

THE WHISTLER: From the media.

Bishop: Which media?


Bishop: That’s wrong one.

THE WHISTLER: Can you tell Nigerians why you are here as Christian leaders?

Bishop: We have said it before…

THE WHISTLER: That what happened sir?

Bishop: We need peace and unity of Nigeria.

THE WHISTLER: Ok…and you believe in Muslim-Muslim ticket sir?

Bishop: Do you believe in that?

THE WHISTLER: I am a journalist and I am asking the question so I deserve an answer sir?

Bishop: I am also a journalist and I am a Nigerian.

THE WHISTLER: So, by being here, you endorsed the Muslim-Muslim ticket sir?

Bishop: Better find your way oh! Listen!
I will break your phone oh!

THE WHISTLER: You will break my phone?

Bishop: Listen!

THE WHISTLER: No, I am asking you a question

Bishop: Come let me ask you. Muslim-Muslim is not a crime.

THE WHISTLER: Ok. Which church are you from sir?

Bishop: We projected reverend Pam Yakubu…

THE WHISTLER: Yes, from the Northern Christian sir?

Bishop: …YES. Which is our own choice but the party decided what they wanted. So let the press and every media report something that can unite Nigeria and not bring disunity.

Please we need all the press, journalists, bloggers for God’s sake, report…Tinubu

THE WHISTLER: What is your name sir…it will help…

Bishop: My name is Prince. I am the president Muslim-Christian Love Foundation.

THE WHISTLER: In Plateau State or where?

Bishop: In Abuja.

Listen let me tell you. This country, we don’t need to bring war. If war breaks it will consume everybody.

God can bring a pagan, God can bring a pastor, God can use anybody to fix Nigeria. God can bring any tribe. God can bring any religion to fix Nigeria. It is not about religion. It is not about Muslim-Muslim, it is not about Christian-Christian.

We should not be a prey to these religious leaders. They have spoilt us for too long.

How many pastors did religious leaders help in this country? Religious leaders; religious leaders, how many times did they organise a peace summit; organise a religious summit?

We should stop preaching hatred we should preach peace. If Nigeria scatter everybody will suffer it.

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