Train Attack: Five Days To Deadline, Terrorists Release 3rd Footage, Threaten No Abductee Will Leave Alive

Captors of the Abuja- Kaduna Train passengers have released another footage of its victims pleading to the federal government to meet the demands of their host or risk losing their lives.

The footage captured five of the abductees, comprising two elderly women and an aged mother sitting on the grass-covered ground and three men standing, with a soldier wielding a weapon in the background.

Among them is a mother, Mariam Abubakar, covered in a red hijab; She said her entire family are currently in captivity, pleading with the government to come to her rescue.

“My name is Mariam Abubakar – we are pleading with everybody that is in the position to assist us to please come to our aid and give our abductors their demand so that they can let us go. I am here with my entire family,” she said.

Also, a Pakistan Nationale who identified himself as Muhammed, and working in Nigeria called on the international community to come to their aid as the living condition in the forest was far from good.

He said, “I am here in Nigeria. I am a foreigner, Pakistan national. We were abducted on 28th March around Abuja- Kaduna train and we are here and we are 62 people and the condition are not very good. We are pleading to the government of Pakistan, the government of Nigeria and to the whole international communities so that they can help us”.

While another abductee called on the government of Kaduna State and the entire human rights group to assist them and ensure that the demands of the abductors are met.

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