More Troubles For ‘Afikpo Chick’ As Lawmaker Gets 6 Months Suspension

Ebonyi State House of Assembly on Tuesday extended the suspension of Mrs Maria Ude Nwachi, otherwise known as ‘Afikpo Chick’.


Mrs Nwachi, who represents Afikpo North-east constituency in the state House of Assembly was given a fresh 6-month suspension following the submission of the report of the ad hoc committee investigating the lawmaker for alleged misconduct.

The House had earlier suspended her for two weeks, following allegations against her, while setting up a committee to investigate the lawmaker.

The alleged misconduct bothered particularly on her posing as a public photographer, running an illegal online lottery facebook ‘Igboist’ and running political promotions for people on social media.

Mrs Nwachi was said to have pleaded guilty to the allegations, when she appeared before the committee about a week ago.

Chairman of the committee, Choke Oguji, while presenting the committee’s report said she admitted wrongdoings and appealed for forgiveness.


“In all the sittings of the committee, Hon. Mrs Maria Ude Nwachi was invited and she honoured the committee’s invitation and conducted herself with decorum. She admitted to have displayed some ethical attitudes and conducts before the committee.

“Hon. Mrs. Maria Ude Nwachi as part of our observations, seems to regret her act of misconduct and other unethical behaviours that degrades the reputation and integrity of this House.

“Hon. Mrs. Maria Ude Nwachi runs an illegal lottery scheme called Igboist thereby creating an environment with which she engages in fraudulent acts. Although the forum (Igboist) is not political and unintended to defraud people, the illegality and criminal nature of the scheme destroyed the public confidence in the parliament, thus making the public to generally accuse the House of corruption, inefficiency and incompetence.

“She also runs an image promotion with her Facebook account which she displays excellent performance of our dear Governor, His Excellency Engr. Dr. David Nweze Umahi.

“In two sittings of the House, Mrs. Maria Ude Nwachi admitted to be the one spotted in Imo state struggling to take photograph with other photographers, leaving her primary duties of lawmaking for our people,” Mr. Oguji said.


“In the light of the foregoing going, the committee recommends that Hon. Mrs. Maria Ude Nwachi should desist from setting illegality and unethical acts which are not suitable for a parliamentarian.

“Since the committee has not seen sufficient carriage and comportment on her side as a legislator despite series of warnings and possible corrections, a maximum period of six months suspension be given to her to assist her adopt acceptable legislative conduct,” Mr. Oguji added.

Francis Nwifuru who is the Speaker of the House, put the recommendations of the committee to votes and the Assembly members opposed the extension of the suspension to six months.

But the Speaker overruled the members and pronounced the suspension.

“Maria Ude Nwachi is to face a maximum suspension period of six months starting from today the 6th day of February, 2018,” the Speaker ruled.


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