U.S. Donates $104m To Nigeria For 8.7m People Affected By Humanitarian Crisis

The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) says it “is providing nearly $104 million in additional humanitarian assistance to respond to the ongoing crisis in Nigeria, where an estimated 8.7 million people are at risk.”

UDSAID made this known in a statement published on its website and seen by our correspondent.

It said that the humanitarian crisis in the country was alarming, hence its donation.

Of particular note, it observed that Northern Nigeria was worst in terms of insecurity.

“This additional assistance will provide urgently needed support for communities, including through food, health, nutrition, shelter, protection, water, sanitation, and hygiene, and humanitarian coordination programs.

“Since 2015, violence and insecurity have driven people from their homes and exacerbated humanitarian needs in Northern Nigeria. The COVID-19 pandemic has further impacted food insecurity, raised protection concerns including the risk of gender-based violence, and reduced access to basic necessities such as safe drinking water, nutrition, and shelter,” it stated.

Furthermore, it urged other international donors to follow suit an alleviate the pains of the suffering masses.

“The United States is the single largest donor for the humanitarian response in Nigeria, having provided nearly $505 million in Fiscal Years 2020 and 2021. The U.S. remains committed to helping the people affected by this conflict and will continue to provide vital support to the people of Nigeria. The U.S. calls on other donors to do the same by providing life-saving assistance to vulnerable Nigerians and the communities that host them,” it said in a statement dated March 12.

The federal government has overtime appreciated the U.S’ support especially in matters of shared interest.

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