UEFA Ranking: Real Madrid Richest Club in Europe, Man United Second

The 10-times European champions, Real Madrid, has remained the richest club in Europe, ahead of Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Barcelona and PSG, according to UEFA’s latest report into football finance.

The Spanish giant, have also been named the team with the most expensive squad, boasting a star-studded squad led by Cristiano Ronaldo and Gareth Bale.


The report focuses on data from the financial year ending 2014 and looks at the impact of Financial Fair Play, revenue among the top clubs in Europe, gate receipts, spending, wages and much more.

Madrid lead the way in terms of revenue (550m Euros), gate receipts (121m Euros), biggest wage bill (270m Euros) and most expensive squad (316m Euros).

English Premier League power house, Manchester United, who are ranked second earned 519m Euros, with German Champions Bayern Munich with 486m Euros in third.

Treble winners Barcelona are fourth with a staggering 485m.

The report has also revealed that club wages have increased by more than 664 per cent over the past two decades and that player salaries reached €7bn in 2014.


According to UEFA general secretary Gianni Infantino, the impact of the Financial Fair Play rules which were introduced in 2011 helped reduce club losses from 1.67bn Euros to 485m Euros.

He said: “While we should remain cautious, it appears that the worst financial excesses of European football reported in 2010 and 2011 are potentially behind us.

“This year’s edition of the report highlights some notable improvements that have taken place in the last three years, coinciding with the introduction of financial fair play.”


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