UK Parliament Rejects Call To Bring Back Boris Johnson As PM Amid Liz Truss’s Resignation


A hashtag seeking the return of ex-PM of the United Kingdom, Boris Johnson, is trending on Twitter lately.

This is amid the resignation of Liz Truss as Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The petition tagged ‘Bring Back Boris’ urged the UK parliament to return Boris as Prime Minister of the UK.

The petitioners stated they wanted Boris back “because we need him.”


Recall that Boris had to quit in 2022 after widespread criticism that trailed his partying during covid-19 lockdown on May 2020, as well as the rising financial hardship in the country.

But the petition, which was published on the UK Parliament’s website, was rejected by the lawmakers for not meeting its standards.

“We can’t accept petitions about appointments, which including for Ministers to be sacked or replaced.

“In any case, decisions about changes to the leaders of political parties are a matter for individual political parties, not the UK Government or Parliament,” it stated.

On Thursday, Truss shocked the world when she announced her resignation, blaming her aides and party members for not supporting her administration since winning the seat on September 5.

Truss maintained that she achieved great results including delivering on energy bills and on cutting national insurance.

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