Upgraded Sex Doll Can Now Say ‘No’ To Sex

The creator of the sex doll identified as Samantha, Dr. Sergi Santos has upgraded the robot to turn down sex if she feels disrespected.

Santos remodeled the doll based on the drive from his wife, so she can now shut down if she feels like she is being treated inappropriately.

Samantha who has ‘ family’, ‘ romantic ’ and ‘ sex ’ modes, as well as an ‘extra naughty’ level is reportedly allowed to enter “dummy mode”, when dealing with an overly aggressive partner or when she feels bored with her partner’s attention.


The mode was demonstrated at the Life Science Centre in Newcastle, and it is activated if sensors under skin detect a partner is aggressive.

This upgrade is aimed at offering an opportunity for male users to learn the usefulness of consent and respecting their partners be it a doll or a real woman.

Samantha is built with motorised hands, hips, and face, and can whisper sweet words if properly seduced.


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