US Polls: One Of These Two Aspirants Will Challenge Donald Trump In November

There are indications that either Joe Biden or Bernie Sanders may emerge winners from the Democratic primary elections, thereby facing the United States president Donald Trump at the 2020 general elections in November 2020.

THE WHISTLER can report that opinion polls conducted across the US are showing Biden and Sanders as leading contenders from the Democratic party.

Critics also argue that Trump’s alleged pressure on Ukraine to probe Biden’s son, Hunter (for his sudden enrichment under Ukrainian natural gas company Burisma) is because he views Joe as his biggest political rival.

The website observed that among the Democratic contenders, Biden leads by 26% while Sanders is trailing him with 21% support, according to the Washington Examiner.

But based on the National Broadcasting Company News/Marist poll, Bernie leads last Sunday with 22%, while Joe comes second with 15%.


According to the Economist, Biden leads with 26% while Sanders followed with 20%.

Five Thirty Eight survey puts Joe and Bernie on 26.6% and 21.4%.

Furthermore, twenty qualifying polls designated by the Democratic National Committee, placed Joe Biden and Bernie Sanders as the leading contenders.

 “Biden’s never had the persona of a hard-charging partisan. He was somebody we wanted to campaign. He is among the least polarizing figures in the party,” Democratic strategist, Joe Trippi said.

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