Use Your Clitoris Before You Lose, Gynaecologist Advises Women

Many would be surprised to hear experts say the clitoris, like any other human  organ , can lose its function  if not  stimulated.

Due to its high level of sensitivity, the clitoris is usually the main player when it comes to the female orgasm because the nerves in the clitoris can assist in enjoyable foreplay, resulting in increased lubrication of the virginal walls before sex.

But what happens when this female penis stops responding to sexual arousal and no longer functions as it should?  It is called clitoral atrophy.

Clitoral atrophy, according to medical experts,  is a shrinkage in the  clitoris, leading to a loss of sensation. 

However, Dr. David Oby, a gynaecologist , revealed  during a chat with THE WHISTLER that clitoral atrophy occurs in the menopausal period of a woman’s life, adding that the primary cause is lack of the female hormone, Oestrogen . He said it is one of the symptoms or signs of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause (GSM).

How is it diagnosed?

Dr.Oby stated that a proper hormonal profile will show the Oestrogen hormones in the pre-menopausal (a 5- year period before the cessation of menses for one year) to the menopausal period of the woman’s life.

Treatment options

Certain antioxidants can help some patients get some relieve. But if it persists and becomes very disturbing, hormone replacement therapy would have to be done.

“But we use that when it’s extremely necessary, after lubricants are used to have a painless coitus” he said.

When to seek help:

The medical expert said “Most times the urge for sex drops around the pre- menopausal  period, so it’s not worrisome for most females.

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