VIDEO: ‘Leave My Set Or Sleep In Jail’ — Actress Omoni Oboli Clashes With Miscreants During Movie Shoot

Nollywood actress, scriptwriter, and film director, Omoni Oboli, has threatened to put some touts who disrupted her movie shoot behind bars.

Oboli, who didn’t disclose where she ran into the miscreants, noted that she hadn’t closed her eyes in the last 48 hours.

In a video shared on her verified Instagram account on Sunday, the actress narrated her encounter with some touts who invaded her movie set.


The video showed the moment the miscreants interrupted the movie star’s set and refused to leave even after she told them that she obtained permission from “The Head of Railway Cooperation” to shoot there.

She captioned the video: “These people make shooting so tiring! When you try to come between me and my work, I get MAD! This guy probably thought he could mess with a small woman. E shock am las las today! Me that I haven’t closed my eyes for almost 48 hours wey body don dey pepper me already!”

Omoni was heard in the video telling the mischief-makers, “Guys, I really don’t have time for this. Oga you don’t want to see the other side of me, trust me you don’t, I have permission from the Head of the railway corporation, you wanna do this? Are you kidding me right now? Can you get out of my shot? Let me tell you something, two things are going to happen, if I don’t shoot this today you are sleeping in jail.”

Watch the video below:


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