Voters Voice Disappointment Over Delayed Voting Process


Several Voters at the 009 poll under the model primary school unit have voiced their disappointment with the electoral commission’s delay on starting the polling process.

As at 8am when THE WHISTLER arrived at the pooling unit, the commissions officials where yet to state voting process as promised by the commission’s chairman, professor Mahmmod Yakubu.

Some of the voters were seen to be questioning the NYSC officials assigned as ad-hoc staff for the February 23 poll on why the voting process was being delayed.


“madam please when will this voting start, is it when the sun is out, we have been here since 7pm,” one of the voters voiced out.

Reacting to the statement, the official pleaded that the process will begin soonest as they were waiting for the electoral materials to arrive at the poll.

However, at 8:31AM the electoral materials arrived at the polling unit. Voting process began at 8:40AM.

Meanwhile, it is necessary to note that the outcome of the 2019 presidential elections will affect the whole of the African continent.


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