WARNING! Parents Endanger Children’s Kidneys Through Use Of Bleaching Creams, Glow Oils – Doctor

A medical doctor and health information enthusiast, Dr. Chinonso Egemba, has advised parents to stop using bleaching creams on their children to enhance their complexion or risk putting their kidneys in danger.

Egemba, popularly known as ‘Aproko Doctor’, said parents are in the habit of buying bleaching creams under the guise of ‘glowing kits’ to lighten the complexion of their children.

The physician issued the caution in a recent video he posted on his social media pages.

He said, “when you use bleaching kits because that’s what it is, it is not glowing, it is not recolor, it is not freshening neither is it lightening, it’s bleaching.”

“Whenever you use bleaching cream for your children, you’re putting their kidneys at risk. Because some of these bleaching creams contain certain enzymes that go and cause, for example, nephrotic syndrome in children.”

He stated that the color children are born with is their natural color and there’s no need to put children’s lives in danger because parents are under pressure to lighten their skin colour so they could be accepted in certain circles.

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