We Must Not Allow Religion To Divide Us — Tinubu Support Group

A political support group for the All Progressive Congress Presidential Candidate, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, The Patriots Roundtable, has counselled Nigerians not to allow religion to divide the country nor be a parameter for electing leadership for the country.


The Director-General of the group, Prince Uthman Shodipe—Dosunmu, in a statement commending the visit of Tinubu to the leadership of the Christian Association of Nigeria(CAN), said the family of Tinubu where the father is a Muslim, wife and children are Christians is an exemplar of the tolerance and accommodating essence of people of the Southwest.

According to him, “The Yoruba people are undoubtedly the most liberal people in this nation when it comes to matters of faith. Here they lack the prejudicial recourse of the extremist who would discriminate and vilify others over religious differences.

“Not in Yorubaland. Not in Lagos state. If there is a place where the two religions intermingled without malice , without distortions or any violent upheaval, we urge everyone to come to southwest.”


He continued, “It is a common typicality in Lagos that family will have a Christian father and Muslim mother or vice-versa. It is a long held customary practice where all religions both Islam and Christianity , including the traditional worshipers cohabit under one roof without rancor. They all celebrate Christmas, Eid Kabir , or even the Egungun season with genuine friendship, with the sincere clarity and bond of cultural brotherhood without any intimations of differences or hostile intentions.”

Dosunmu maintained that “Religion should not divide us. Religion has no place in politics. We at the Patriots Roundtable are convinced that the sincerity of character, the genuineness of the core of the human soul, the competence of leadership , the devotion to the supremacy of the unity of our nation should supersede any narrow divisive recourse to sectarian values.

“Our nation has been much provoked by a narrow prejudicial section that benefits from sowing the seeds of sectarian discord. It this very unfortunate extremist laager that has widened the scourge of outlawry and terrorism threatening the northern fringes of this nation and now then bursting upon us in the southern rim of the national divide.”

“Faiths and individual beliefs should not be a gauge of leadership. What ought to concern us all in the renewal of the national ideals should be the content of character, the indices of leadership such as intellect, vision, competitive bearing , merit, reflective grasp of power and the progressive ability to project far ahead of the throng, selfless in service and devotion to the general welfare. That is the leadership we should encourage . That is the leadership effulgence in the Tinubu-Shettima ticket, “he declared.

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