Wearable ‘Sex Doughnut’ Puts An End To Painful Sex

As many as 75 percents of women have painful penetrative sex during their lifetime but not to worry because all the pain is over with the new stretchy rubber sex doughnut.

It is designed to be worn by men during sex to curtail the pains in women which is as a result of endometriosis, infections, cancer treatment, and size.

The doughnut was brought to existence through the inspiration of the inventor Emily Sauer after she endured pain in silence for years.

“I fell further and further away from the people that I loved,” she said.

According to Saurer, the people that have tried the doughnut have had no complaints but rather were satisfied with the impact it has on modulating depth of penetration.


“The feedback from the majority of testers is that they don’t even realize that it’s there. It’s not a hindrance, it doesn’t take away and it even reinvents some positions for a lot of people,” she added.

She said. “Each ring has a slightly smaller, thinner flare so that it can interlock with another doughnut.

“You can use just one or stack two or three together to create a buffer that the man wears at the base of his shaft, modulating how deep penetration is.

“I was full of emotional triumph, for me and my partner at that time, and it became this vehicle for communication,” she said.

So ladies, if you want a pain-free ‘jangolova’ session, do well to reveal this newly created sex doughnut to your baby boy.



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