Women Speak On Checking Partners’ Phone Chats

Technology has impacted relationships in varying ways. Cellphones, for instance are known to facilitate romance and at the same time they have been responsible for break-ups.

Some couples are fond of checking their partners phone while some may not give a damn.

The cellphone has complicated relationships, with mutual trust becoming the first victim.

There have been instances of ladies and guys checking their partner’s ‘phones behind their backs.

But those who spoke to THE WHISTLER explained their reasons for checking their partner’s phones.

Women Looking For ‘Snakes’ inside phone

Mrs Ugochi Frank said why women check their partner’s phone is to
“to know the snakes he is. trying to protect.”

Although she believed the habit would make the person unnecessarily nervous and start getting ideas.

” Everytime you go digging, it is to find something and alot of times you may find something that means something to you when it should mean nothing. Because emotions are already everywhere. So it connects dots. Other times you find the truth that you are not even ready for.”

Being a victim of snooping around her husbands phone, Frank said the act won’t be necessary in a relationship that’s transparent.

“Your partners phone may even be like yours. So some couples will typically just swap phones to have fun since there are no boundaries.”

Mrs Victoria olabisi said she started checking her husband’s phone because her friends were also doing it.

She however said she had to get rid of the habit because it used to cause “serious fights” between she and her husband.

“ Any small thing I will read meaning to it. But I think it doesn’t make sense, I think we should have a right to our privacy.”

On a lighter note, she said it may be necessary to do so once in a while but not often “So that everybody can know their stand and pack their bags.

“Maybe once in a year…you can just decide to check it…and not serious checking as if you are looking for something o, just a random check.”

Miss blessing James said she usually checks her partner’s phone to revisit issues they had not discussed.

“We both used to check each other’s phone randomly. Just to go through random things and we might end up seeing things that we forgot to talk about and then we talk about it.”

Fastest Route To Heart Attack

But is it ever right or desirable to snoop through your partner’s phone?

Miss Sarah Josiah confessed that this is the “fastest route to heart attack.

“I have always made it my business never to go through my partners phone but he think it’s cool to constantly go through mine.

“When I decided to check out of curiosity , I didn’t exactly find something pleasant.

“All the “Hello Baby” , hey Beautiful. Then the long chat with some girl to the extent of exchanging emoji.

A mother of one who pleaded anonymity said “Yes I have checked and I didn’t regret it”

She however said it’s usually a random check without any thoughts in mind.

“He checks mine too, but we have stopped because we really don’t have time for that.”

Miss Elizabeth Lekan said she’s really not the type that checks her boyfriend’s phone as she feels she will regret it If she starts.

“ I may see something I don’t want to see and most times, I might not get an explanation that suits me.

“And you know we girls jumping into conclusion is our best sport.”

On her part, Judith James, who called the action “the FBI move” said she’s never regretted what’s she did.

“I do so when I have serious and very important questions to answer, I call it my FBI mood.

“I don’t regret the act since i only want confirmation but it’s not a healthy habit so I rarely do it.”

Mrs Grace Johnson said she hardly checks her husband’s phone, but when she did it is to entertain herself and not to spy on him.

“I used to check before, but i stopped. I just realized it didn’t make sense, the things i saw were not heartbreaking but it was like i was looking for something that will eventually break my heart. So i decided to let sleeping dog lie and trust.”

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