World’s First Washable Smartphone To Be Launched In Japan

A Japanese KDDI is set to launch a smartphone that can withstand a soapy bath.

Known as ‘Digno rafre’, the company described the phone as the world’s first smartphone that can be washed with soap and water.

That means you can literally wash the phone with soap and water if it gets dirty.


“Our development team washed the smartphone more than 700 times to test its durability,” a company spokesman told AFP.
Though he cautioned that only certain types of foamy soap could be used on the device.

The ‘Rafre’ possesses Kyocera’s Smart Sonic Receiver which delivers sound without speaker adds to the durability of the handset. The technology has advantages especially in noisy environments.

Available in three colors, the shock-proof gadget comes fully equipped with a 5-inch LCD display, 13MP camera, 1.2GHz processor, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, Mobile Wallet capabilities and 16GB of storage space.

It will cost around ¥57,000 (US$464) in Japan and there are no plans to release it overseas.


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