Youths Now Get ‘High’ On Grey Hair – Group


Every day, new substances of intoxication are coming up and young people are trying new ways to get intoxicated.

The menace of drug abuse has once again come to the fore after Dr Hope Abraham Vanguard Against Drug abuse (VGADA), a Non-Governmental Organisation, revealed how young people in Benue get intoxicated with grey hair.

The health expert in an interview with NAN disclosed the trend of youths reportedly mixing grey hair with marijuana and consuming the mixture for intoxication.


“It was one of our members, who conducted an interview with one of the drug addicts during a sensitisation programme recently held at one of the black spots in Benue, that blew it open.

“The drug addicts said that some of them had contacts with barbers to get those hairs from them,” he said.

“Grey hairs are no food. As a doctor (I know that) as we grow older, the pigment cells in our hair follicles gradually die.

“I am surprised that some persons have found grey hair as an interesting substance to get intoxicated on.

He further added that the drug addicts confirmed that “smoking grey hair is an alternative to smoking weed and that it is more intoxicating than the normal black hair.”


Abraham, however, added that efforts were on to check the trend as he also urged parents and teachers to get closer to their wards to ensure they are not influenced by friends and peers indulging in drug abuse.


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