Rio 2016 Olympics: AFN Issues Entry Standards For Athletes

The Athletics Federation of Nigeria (AFN) has issued entry standards for athletes aiming to represent Nigeria at the Rio Olympic Games in Brazil next year.

This information was disclosed by the Federations spokesman, Olukayode Thomas who also revealed financial incentives for athletes who meet the entry standards, with the highest being $50,000 for winners of gold medal, $30,000 for silver medal and $10,000 for bronze. Athletes who get to the final will get $2500.

Athletes have between January 1 – June 30, 2016, to meet the entry requirements and all those who meet the standard will get $2000 to aid their preparations for the games.


Olukayode also maintained that athletes who intend to compete in the men and women 100m must run 10.09secs and 11.10secs respectively. For the 200m, the men must run 20.20secs and the women 22.50secs.

For athletes intending to compete in the men 400m, the entry standard is 45.20secs for men and 50.90secs for women. For the 800m, 1.45.30secs and 2.00.00secs for the men and women respectively.

In the field events, the men’s high jump standard is 2.31 meters and women 1.98meters. For long jump, men must jump 8.20meters and women 6.90meters. Aspiring Triple jumpers to represent Nigeria must achieve 17.25meters for the men and 14.60meters for the women.

For the relays, 38.50secs is for men 4x100m and 42.00secs for women. The 4x400m men must run 3.00.00secs to qualify and the women 3.28.00secs.


He went on to reveal the requirements of Hurdle, Pole-vault, Shot-put and Javelin.

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