Nigeria Slides to No. 13 in the Fragile States Index

Nigeria continues to slide farther down in the Fragile States Index just released by the Fund For Peace (FFP).

In 2014, Nigeria was at No. 17 which saw it under the category of ALERT. But in 2015, it fell to No. 15 and the recent rankings saw the country falling two places to No. 13 amongst countries listed as HIGH ALERT.

Africa tops the list of countries in the top eight with Somalia leading the pack followed by South Sudan, Central African Republic and Sudan. Others in the top bracket include Yemen, Syria, Chad and Congo D. R.

Ahead of Nigeria are Afghanistan at No. 9 followed by Haiti, Iraq and Guinea.

Factors listed include the rise in Fulani violence, growing cycle of bombers in Northern Nigeria, renewed insurgency in the Niger Delta and other areas of the country as well as election violence.

Since President Muhammadu Buhari emerged a little over a year ago, Nigeria has seen mass murders perpetrated by the army, widespread killings by Fulani herdsmen, kinsmen of the president, amongst others.

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