What Was The Craziest Things You’ve Done For Sex? Nigerians Speak

When in love or lust, one is bound to make decisions based on emotion, and it can make one take actions that defy reason.


However, humans react differently to emotions, and this is what defines a person’s personality.

Sexual feelings is a natural emotion and what gets you off might seem totally out there to others and vice-versa. Different strokes for different folks.

Our correspondent spoke to a cross section of Nigerians in Abuja and they all have hilarious responses on the craziest things they have done for sex.

A media and communication expert,  John Pius, said “Once sex is involved, I can do anything and distance is never my barrier. I flew around the world, from Nigeria to Uk for sex.

“I had a crush on one of my clients there after meeting her in 2016. In 2017 she experienced her feelings towards me and we began sexting but, Omo, we could not hold the tension so I traveled to the UK for a week to satisfy my desire.”


For Jemima, a female youth corper, she had to take permission mid-day from work to go to her boyfriend’s office.

She said, “I can still remember that day and it’s still funny to me. I told the HR in my office that I was having severe purging, meanwhile, I was really honey; I had called the boo to tell him I was coming to his office but he thought I was joking because is not easy to get permission from my workplace then.

“I got to his office, and told his secretary that he said she should go pick up something from the mall and I stormed into his office, ripped him, and eat him really good.”

But Jemima seemed odd to her boyfriend. “We are no more together because he could not handle me and my sexual urges,” she explained.

 Douglas Akanimo, who sells spare parts in Dei Dei market, was bewitched by his wife’s figure in her night gown.


“I faked a shoulder injury and asked for a massage. knowing that my wife would ignore her tiredness to ensure that I don’t have pain. But her nightwear was just entering my eye, I grabbed her, and you should know how it ended already. She that was tired enjoyed it even more than I did, women sha,” he narrated.

A graphic designer, Philemon, felt so honey that he had to beg his wife who was menstruating to allow him make love to her.

 “I knelt down begging her after I found out she was on her period. She allowed me after showing me shege,” he said.


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