In a period of economic boom, nations rarely come under pressure from their citizens. Businesses thrive as there is enough liquidity in the system. Personal finances get a boost and there is less social and economic tensions. Nigeria has gone through that phase under General Yakubu Gowon in the early 70s when he declared that Nigeria’s problem was not how to get funds but how to spend it.

The story of the spirit of Heritage Bank varies in a positive way just as the conclusion by a vast majority of its customers and those in the financial and business sector is one that not only keeps evolving but is getting better and more pragmatic.

It is a given that leadership is one of the main challenges of development in Nigeria. The others being corruption and nepotism. The matter of leadership is not for want of qualified, patriotic and inspiring individuals, rather the way and manner in which some of those in leadership emerge.

The promise of Change by the President Muhammadu Buhari-led administration is one that should take a holistic approach to curb the issue of unemployment and investment in the country. So it was not unexpected, when on June 20, 2016, the Debt Management Office unveiled what seems to be an airtight strategy to manage Nigeria’s debt going forward. Contrary to the situation that led to the 2004/2006 strategy, the new debt management strategy takes an almost 180 degrees turn to address current issues in the economy viz the vision of President Buhari.

By Abimbola Johnson - 

Never since the advent of the Nigerian Building Society in 1956 or its re-christening as the Federal Mortgage Bank of Nigeria in 1977 or the promulgation of the Mortgage Institutions Act (1989) and the FMBN Act 82 (1993), in 1994, when the FMBN was accorded the status of the apex mortgage institution in the country, has the housing deficit in the country more daunting than now.

By James Ume - 
The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) understands that Nigerian capital market has amazing potential to serve as a catalyst for getting more people into the financial services industry.

Jonathan, Our Man Of The Year 2015!. 

The choice, by our Board of Editors, of Nigeria’s immediate past President, Dr Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, as our Man of the Year, was easy and effortless. His commitment to the enhancement of democracy in Nigeria stood him out.

By Henry Boyo

In March 2015, the News Agency of Nigeria(NAN) published a report, which was also syndicated in several Newspapers, that the All Progressives Congress Presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammed Buhari had promised “to ensure that the Naira was equal to the dollar in value, if voted into office”.

The Nigerian Debt Management Office, (DMO) touted as a model in Africa, has become a major destination for out-sourced debt management skills and services in nearly two decades of its existence.

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